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  • Kalilou Kadiri

The more you know the place you live in the more it will start feeling like home..

As a soon-to-graduate international student, I would like to share some pieces of advice to incoming international students. First, there is a time and place for everything and understanding that would save you from a lot of stress and anxiety in the future. Second, you should always think of a plan B for when things don't go as planned and trust me things don't always go as planned. Third, I would recommend that you find ways to relieve stress. For me it was sports, whenever I felt overwhelmed and stressed I would try to workout or play basketball because it helps me blow some steam off and reset my mindset. Fourth, you should explore the town in which you live, as safely as you can obviously, you might meet interesting people that are like minded and to who you can relate to, it always feels nice when you do meet someone like that. Also, i think the more you know the place you live in the more it will start feeling like home. Fifth, seriously learn how to cook for yourself you will save so much money and it will be healthier for you. Finally, KEEP YOUR DOCUMENTS UP TO DATE believe me I am struggling right now cause I failed to do so. You will save yourself a couple of hair strands by doing so I promise. Okay okay last note, get a state ID or a driver's license. It's just so useful and saves you from the risk of losing your passport. Anyways I am out of here, good luck in college it will be stressful and at times but I think it's worth the trouble for all the fun, experiences, and people you can meet throughout your journey. Peace.

Kalilou Kadiri '22 is a Computer Science major from Niamey, Niger

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